“Unique Reception Ideas”

As a gag, the groom pulls something other than the garter out from underneath the bride’s dress! We’ve actually seen one of our grooms pull a rabbit out! (It made America’s Funniest Home Video’s about 5 years ago). It can be a really funny moment because everyone is so expecting the garter! A rubber chicken, a book, a pair of boxer shorts, whatever. Use you imagination!

The “Keys Gag”: The DJ announces that “Now that the bride is married, if someone here has a key to her place, he needs to bring it up here right now and turn it over to me so we can destroy it”. One guy gets up and brings a key up and drops it in a cup the DJ is holding, then another guy comes up, and another, then 20-50 guys get up and all bring up keys!!! It’s a great laugh for everybody and easy to set up. You just need a bunch of old keys and arrange quietly to give them to the guys in on the gag! It can work the other way too as a gag for the groom with a bunch of girls! Obviously, if yours is a more formal affair, this may be mortifying to you, but as they say, “To each, his own”.

Family Trivia: You give the DJ a list of questions to ask the family in a “Family Feud” type set up and see who knows the most about family history, bride and groom trivia and other fun things you’d like to share with your guests. 

We bring the Village People get up, having the Groom and his Groomsmen all involved with the DJ introducing them from “off stage”.  Can really add to the show!

A friend or relative (with talent) singing a song to the two of you at the reception. This is always a high light. We see it more and more.

Funny Intro Songs: Instead of entering the banquet hall to nothing but applause, why not enter to a “theme song”. We’ve seen it all. The theme to “2001, A Space Odyssey”, The “Rocky” Theme, “Another One Bites the Dust”, “The Adams Family” etc. Just something fun, it’s up to you. Nightlife Entertainment will automatically plug something in for you if nothing is requested.

The bride sits on the Best Man’s knee instead of a chair for the garter removal. This can add some fun to the moment, especially if the Best Man is a Ham!

The Anniversary Dance: The DJ invites all the married couples up onto the dance floor “for the Anniversary Dance”. After a minute he asks that “Only those married more than 5 years stay up on the dance floor, then a minute later, 10 years, 20 and so on until only one (older) couple remains. The DJ then asks that couple to come up and offer the bride and groom some advice on how to stay happily married for so many years. It can be a nice touch, and often very funny, especially if the older couple has time to prepare something.