Projector and Screen
Our projector and portable 8' by 8' screen can come into use if you are planning on putting a picture slide show together or wanting to show some kind of media. Plus we have just added a 12' by 10' rear projection, projector and screen to our arsonel of items available to you.

Picture slide shows are great for weddings, birthday parties ( especially the later ones ), retirement parties and anniversaries.

Please plan ahead, a lot of halls have these available but charge you additional fee, ask them what their rental prices are. If it doesn't comes with the rental of the hall or costs more that $75, let us know. It doesn't take us much more time to set up the projector and screen. 

Having a picture slide show or some kind of through the years kind of presentation, when done right after dinner has completed is a nice way to move from dinner into the dancing portion of the evening. When we at Nightlife Entertainment LLC, do a presentation at a wedding we go from dinner, to presentation and right into the First Dance for the Bride and Groom. It works really well because the pictures usually follow the format of the bride growning up and then the groom growing up and then the bride and groom during their times together leading up to their wedding day. As the picture show ends the bride and groom are welcomed to the dance floor and off we go. Great Transitions and it keeps all of the attention right on the bride and groom. This also ensures people to stay put and almost everyone will witness the First Dance!!!!

We have a company we work with if you have noone that is technologically able to put together a picture slide show. Just make sure you ask about our picture slide show packages. 

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