“The 7 Keys to a Perfect Ceremony”

STOP, JUST STOP and sit down for 5 minutes, just 5 minutes to take it all in! As you get ready to leave your house, as you get dressed, as you prepare, each step in the process, JUST STOP and take it all in! The biggest complaint we hear and we hear it thousands of times is that “It all went so fast! I didn’t even have time to really enjoy it”. Don’t let this happen to you. Take the extra few minutes at each step along the way to really savor these moments! This is the best advice we can offer you for any aspect of your wedding. STOP!

Don’t duck when they throw the birdseed! It will make it impossible for the Photographer to get good pictures! Grin and bear it! A little “pelting” never hurt anyone!

Speak up during your vows! It’s why everyone came! To hear the two of you proclaim your love for one another! All too often, the bride or groom speaks so softly, no one (including the video camera) can hear them! Remember, you are there to proclaim your love not whisper sweet nothings…that comes later!

Get the Grandparents there early! We have seen way too many wedding day schedules ruined because “Grandma” isn’t here yet”! And let’s face it. You can’t start without her!

Don’t forget anything! Here are the items most often forgotten that can ruin a wedding day schedule: The rings! (Really!), Ties, Cumberbuns, the ring pillow, guest books and pens, the garter and the bridesmaids’ shoes. Put everyone on notice to avoid these common mistakes!

Your ATTITUDE is Everything! Remember, if something goes wrong, it will make the telling of the tale all the sweeter later in your life! So RELAX! With thousands of details, some little glitches are bound to occur! It’s all in how you handle it! Don’t lose sight of what’s happening here and what’s most important! The two of you! And the rest of your lives together! ENJOY!