Middle School
We do a ton of these every year. We have been the host disc jockey company for the Mukwonago Knights of Columbus Middle School Dances -- 14 of them a year to be exact, and we have been doing them for 3 years. The kids have a great time, and we make sure to play good clean but fun music. Our DJ's are trained to know what songs are good to play and which ones aren't. If the music isn't suitable for a school function then we will not play it even if the Kids Request it. We have been frowned down on because we don't play all the kids request, however when we are done with our dances we can hold our heads high and know that our company has intergrity to ensure good clean music for all to enjoy. 

Our Rates for Middle School Dances are $250 and that is for any 3 or 4 hour dance.

We have also djed for the Whitnall Middle School Dances