Meet and Greets
Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

We love sitting down with our potential customers. Why? Because we get to learn more about you, meet you in person and get more of an understanding of what you are looking for, when it comes to music and entertainment for your event. No matter if your planning a wedding or party, we need to sit down with you for a couple of reasons. First is to get all your questions, answered. Second, we don't want you to have any butterflies when it comes to the day of your event. We want you to know everything from our side is going to be exactly how you planned it. And lastly, you get to meet the dj that will be performing for you. Once we have created that match, we insure that the dj you met is the dj that performs for you. 

Now you may be asking where do you hold these Meet and Greets. We primarily do them at a coffee house near you. We know of practically every Starbucks locations in the area. So please don't hesistate and contact us and set up a meet and greet with us today. To book a meet and greet you can call us at 414-803-7938 or 414-527-5853.

Now please understand, you don't have to plan a meet and greet prior to booking with us. If you book with us first, we will mandate that we sit down after we have received your contract and deposit. This situation works to ensure that your day is locked in. We only book 2 events on any given date. So please understand we book fast. 

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We look forward to talking and seeing you at a coffee house near you!!