Last Minute Crisis: Disasters that occur the Week of the Wedding, and How to Avoid Them”

A member of the bridal party is called out of town for his or her job or is in an accident, or too sick to be in the wedding. Plan for this! When you make up your list of bridesmaids and groomsmen, list a couple of “alternates” just in case!

Sitting with your back to the driver in the limo. With all the excitement, you may be overly warm, you start feeling queasy….and get sick! Some people can get motion sickness sitting in a car in a way that their body is not accustomed to. Limo drivers are the best! And good at being smooth drivers, but sit facing the driver!

Your uncle’s old Ford broke down. You want to save some money on a limo and your uncle has an old classic car he volunteers to drive you in, but it breaks down. The car isn’t a bad idea, the solution is to have a friend drive behind you just in case that old classic dies!

You are having the pictures taken before the ceremony and someone is late! This can ruin the whole schedule very quickly! Taking pictures before your ceremony is a great idea but only if you insist that everyone be very early. What does “early” mean? Here’s a good standard: If they had a flat tire, they could get it fixed and still be on time!”

A headache or upset stomach because you drank champagne on an empty stomach. Most of us here in the real world rarely drink it so we aren’t prepared for what it can do to us. Eat a little something before downing the bubbly! It may save your night!

Forgetting to budget for gratuities. Tips for the servers, the priest or minister, limo driver, DJ, videographer, bartenders, etc can easily add up to hundreds of dollars!

Not breaking in your shoes! And this goes for the whole bridal party! Not being able to dance at your own wedding without a lot of pain (or your maid of honor can’t dance with you to all your favorite songs from the college days) is a real disappointment. Plan ahead! Even bring a second pair of shoes for dancing! Remember, you will set the tone for the reception. And if the guests don’t see you dancing, they will be less inclined to dance as well!

Not packing a “Wedding Emergency Kit”. Put a little bag together containing the following: A needle and thread, An extra pair of contacts, Asprin or Tylenol, Tums, Breath Mints, Make up. An extra pair of Panty Hose, Shoe polish for touch ups, Band-Aids, Tissues, Safety pins, AND, Whatever else you can think of!