The Games We Play

Perfect for Weddings

The Key Game

We bring 15 metal keys to the wedding reception. During the cocktail hour and dinner we will pass out the 15 keys to 15 different ( Men or Women ). This is based on who you would like to pull the prank on. If the prank is on the Bride -- 15 Men will get keys. If the prank is on the Groom -- 15 Women will get the keys. Each parent Mother or Father depending on who were pranking will receive a key as well. Then during the speeches, we can pre-plan with the Best Man or Maid/Matron of Honor to add a statement in their speech which will indicate to all of those people who have the keys to bring them up to the headtable and they will drop the key in a coffee can. ( This is so everyone can hear the clank of the metal ). However the punch of the entire gag, is ( Prank on Bride ) the Grooms Father will have a Key and will be the final one to drop it in, and ( Prank on Groom ) the Bride's Mother will have a key and be the final one to drop it in. Or if you wish our dj can run this entirely from start to finish. This we will leave up to you. It gets huge laughs from everyone!!!!

The Dice Game

We understand many brides and grooms are trying to think up, new ways to make their family and friends, try to make them kiss, versus the Clanking of Glasses. What we have done is brought an great fun idea that can be utalized at your event. What we bring is a huge, blow up Die. Then what we will do is have a poster board with the rules placed near the dance floor. Then before dinner the bride, groom or bestman can make an announcement let people know. If you are wanting to make the bride and groom kiss. You will have to go onto the dance floor and roll the die. Then one of the numbers will be generated strickly for the kiss, and the other 5, you or us can make up something funny for the roller of the die to do. For instant. Roll a 1 -- Tell us how you know the bride or groom. Roll a 2 -- Kiss someone at your table. Roll a 3 -- Kiss someone in the room. Roll a 4 - etc etc -- I think you get the idea. This can create a lot of fun at your event. And the skits of what to do when you roll a certain number can be what ever you want them to be. Have Fun

These games are based more for Parties outside of a wedding. Or any Outdoor Event.

Fill the Bucket

This is a fast-paced game that you can play with kids against adults, boys against girls, whatever. Take a large bucket and fill it with water. Have the two teams line up by the bucket. The first person on each team takes a cup of water and holds it on top of their head. They have to run down to where you are and pour the water out of the cup and into an empty bucket with the cup still on their heads! They run back and then the next person goes. Everyone takes a turn until their bucket is filled up. The team that fills their bucket first wins! You could do the same thing with giant sponges and ring the water out. There's also a waiter game with wine glasses on a tray. Fill the glasses, run down to the bucket and back.

Spoon Game

Have a couple of long ropes with a spoon tied to the end of each one. Part 1: Spoon down first person’s shirt through pants legs, then same for next person…. 1st person holds rope end. Part 2: first team to remove rope wins.


Get the audience to give a few parameters to the story such as a person, what they’re doing, current events, etc. Have a group of people on stage. First person starts improvising, as you point to the next person, that person has to immediately pick up where the story left off from the previous person. For added audience participation, have them shout “die” when someone pauses or loses a beat. Can also different people in the group act their story out in different ways (one could sing it as an opera while another tells it as a mystery story).

Raise the Hula Hoops

2 people per team, stand back to back with hands high in the air, hula hoop on the floor around their feet. They have to raise the hula-hoop up to their hands without dropping their hands from above their heads.

Build Your Temple

For each team need 1 orange cone and 21 styrofoam or paper cups. Stack the cups on the cones. Make players take off their shoes. 1st person runs across the room, around the cone, picks up a cup, runs to the middle, sets it down on the floor, and runs back and tags the next player who does the same thing. 1st team to make a pyramid (6 cups on base, then 5, …) wins. If cups are knocked down, that player must put them back in the right place before running back to team to tag next player.

Nuts and Bolts

Go to a hardware store and buy a bunch of matching nuts and bolts of all different sizes. Girls get the bolts and Boys get the nuts as they enter the party. Then they can try to match up. You can enter the names of matching couples to win prizes or maybe even a fantasy date.

Name That Gargle

Each team picks one person who gets a cup of water and a piece of paper with a song written on it. Only the people with the cups of water know the song. They have to take a gulp of water, keep the water in their mouths and say the name of the song (or can make them gargle the song). The first team to guess the song wins.

Musical Hula Hoops

Have a bunch of people in circle holding hands. Start the hoop on someone’s arm. People must work hula hoop over head, then step through it, then over other arm and on to the next person (all without letting go of neighbors’ hands). Whoever is holding the hoop when the music stops is out. If people drop hands, they are out.

For a large number of people, can have one big circle with several hoops (to eliminate people faster, but remember to take some hoops out of play as people are eliminated).

Can have each circle be a team and have the teams compete against each other--the first team to get the hoop around their whole circle once wins.

Can have them change directions in the middle of sending the hoops around. Can also make it more difficult by spraying silly string at the people with the hoops (but NOT in their faces).

Can have people go into the middle of the circle when the get out (“in”).

Variation: Have people in lines and make it a relay race.

Human Tic Tac Toe

Put 9 chairs on dance floor in a 3 x 3 grid. Have two teams – one X’s and one O’s. Form the teams into lines and assign a number to each team member. Call a number – that number person from each time have to run out (at the same time), pick a seat and put up an X or O with their arms. Encourage teams to strategize between each call.

For Christmas Parties Only

Christmas Tree Contest

Not for Jewish affairs.

Select 2 or 3 groups of 3-4 people. Each group must go into the audience and pick out a person to be the “tree”. Give each group a bag you’ve prepared earlier full of at least 25 small balloons, a pack of wooden clothespins to attach them, a package of cheap garland, and a red bow or Santa hat to top off their “tree”. The balloons can be attached ANYWHERE they choose (may want to state “anywhere clean if it’s a party with kids). Start them off with “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” and just watch the audience crack up. They must complete the decorating before the song ends. Let the audience pick the winner.

Christmas Trivia

We have put together trivia questions that relate to different aspects of Christmas. These questions may be about Christmas Movies, Christmas Traditions, Christmas History. This is a great way to get your party started after dinner has finished and a good way to create a little competition amongst the other tables in the room. We even have a tie breaker question. Everyone has a lot of fun with this and the prizes are given to the top table or tables.