Top 36

These are 36 important questions to ask any professional disc jockey/karaoke company you are considering to hire for your event. It will help you choose who the professionals are and who is doing this just for fun!!!  Good luck in your search! And we at Nightlife Entertainment hope to be talking with you soon!!

1. Do you offer a written contract?

Yes, we won't do a show with out one, this covers you and us from any illegal wrong doings.

2. Who will be the DJ at our wedding?

 With our company you can pick and choose whomever you would want to be your dj from your dj profiles page ( click here )

3. May we meet with the dj in person before we sign a contract?

 Absolutely, we love meeting with our potential customers, hope you like coffee, we usually meet at Starbucks ( first round is on us, just ask!! Plus we will also, bring along the person that will be the actual dj for your event. This way you will meet them in person!!

4. Do you work exclusively for this company?

All our disc jockeys are independant contractors of Nightlife Entertainment, which means they can do their own shows outside the company but they work strictly for our company. The don't work for other companies. 

5. How long will you hold the date?

Once you give us the clarification that you will be going with us, we give you approximately 4 - 6 weeks to get the contract and deposit in.

6. How long have you been Disc Jockeying?

All of our Disc Jockeys would have a different answer but I can assure you this every dj with Nightlife has a minimum of 5 years of DJ experiance and a minimum of 50 wedding performances. 

7. How many other types of events do you perform at?

On the average 50, this falls into Birthday Parties, Graduations, School Events, Anniversaries, Bars/Nightclubs, every Disc Jockey with Nightlife Entertainment is very well rounded.

8. How many weddings do you do each year?

On the average over 50, varies from year to year.

9. Do you perform at more than one event in a day?

No, every Disc Jockey will only have one event to DJ at.

10. What makes you so different from other companies?

We are proud of maintaining a HIGH Professional service, because of this we will not send out minimum wage paid teenagers to disc jockey your event. We look at each individual event as the most important day in your life or a loved ones life and we are not going to destroy it with people that don't have respect for the business. That is why we have maintained some of the best jockeys in the industry and backed it with one of the strongest guarantees.

11. Have you played at our reception site before?

We have played at 100s of different sites, however there are 100s in which pop up that we haven't, doesn't mean we can't do the show there, just have to do some homework before we show up on the night of your event, however we have a full listing of almost every place we have performed if you want to see it just ask.

12. Will you  “emcee” and make all of the announcements?

If this is what you want then yes. Remember we are there for you, so if you want us to do something like MC your evening we will. On most occasions at weddings we will MC the Grand March, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss and other formalities such as First Dance and Father/Daughter Dance but extra's can be asked and we will do our best.

13. What happens if there is an emergency with our DJ the day of our event?

We have a back up system in place, where with Nightlife Entertainment we guarantee if you book with us, you will have a dj at your show!!!

14. Will we meet again before the wedding?

This once again is completely up to you, we do a final meeting on the phone with the actual dj for your event, because they will go over your entire packet to ensure nothing changed at the last minute and everything is still the same, but if you want to do this in person, just request it.

15. Can we see you at a separate performance?

No professional company will allow you to do this, and that is the same with us, if it is one of our open  ( public ) shows ( we do about 3 - 5 a year, then yes ) but any private show, sorry, we wouldn't do it to you, so please understand we won't do it to anyone else!!!

16. How involved can we be in selecting music?

As much as you want to be, but understand you will have alot of relatives and friends that will want to hear some music they enjoy dancing to as well, but it is your event, so this becomes an item that is based on what you're wanting!

17. When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?

By the date which is one month before your event.

18. Do you take requests?

Yes, but only if it is ok with you.

19. Can we submit a “Do Not Play” list?

It is actually a part of our information package you return to us, letting us know what you want for your event.

20. When do you arrive to set up ?

Our Jockeys are told to arrive anywhere from 1 to 3 hours before your first guest arrives, this is subject to change based on events at same location prior to your event.

21. What will you wear at our wedding?

Tux like dress, but we will dress down at your request, Trust me you don't want to see any of us in a speedo, for your pool party, though.

22. What's your deposit?

$100, locks you in with a guarantee's a dj will be at your event.

23. What is included in the cost of my event?

This you will see is listed on our contracts, but all our packages include said number of disc jockeys, lights, full professional speaker system, set up, tear down, drive to and from event, use of wireless microphones.

24. Are we required to feed you?

No your not required to, but we do appreciate it when it is offered. Please understand, with travel, set up, entertaining you, your friends and relatives for approximately 4 - 6 hours and then tear down and the drive home. The jockey will have gone with out eating for approximately 6 - 10 hours. So make sure if your looking to offer the jockey food that you plan ahead, and let your catering company know.

25. Are you insured?

 Yes, We carry our own liability insurance, and no we don't ask for anymore $$$$$ because of it. All incurred into our costs.

26. Do you take any breaks?

Don't need to, music and entertainment is non stop, for bathroom breaks, we put in a longer song. )

27. What is your alcohol and smoking policy?

Drinking by our disc jockeys is prohibited and they may not smoke at any event, except in their own vehicle before or after event is over, unless working a nightclub.

28. Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?

Not a 100% of everything, but if the disc jockey doesn't have it with him/her, we have a back up plan where the back up dj can bring it out to the location in which your event is at, giving us the advantage to continue your show, but also, our money back guarantee kicks in

29. Do you have a wireless microphone?

Yes we do, and you can use it for no additional costs.


30. What other service’s do you provide?

We also offer a projector and large screen for a picture slide show. Our price is by far better than any rental you can get at any reception site. We just ask you to read your contract with your reception site to make sure if it is or is not included in the rental of the hall. If it isn’t included, find out the price of the rental for the projector, a dvd player and a screen since you will need all three to have a picture presentation. If it exceeds $75, then ask is ours is available. So make arrangements soon!!! Uplighting you will get 12 stratigically placed lights though out the hall, to a color you have picked. This package is $300. We also offer Karaoke at $75 per hour. 

31. How long should we wait to book with a Professional Disc Jockey Company?

A good 'rule of thumb' is to book the QUALITY vendors (hall, photographer, DJ, etc.) at least 6 months to 1 year in advance. Remember, the QUALITY services book up extremely fast!  ( However, that does not mean that you should not contact us. We always keep one or two jockeys on the backup roster for those last minute bookings. We are able to do a 24 turn around, and still give you one of the best professional disc jockey experiences around. However, the best suggestion is "The Earlier...The Better". )

32. Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?

This is something that all professional companies should offer. Unfortunately, they have tended to fall by the wayside. If the companies you are talking to, don't offer a refund policy or a money back guarantee, based on if something goes wrong during your event, due to their company, why are you doing business with them? What you're doing is throwing your money at a company and praying nothing goes wrong. ( Our refund policy is -- If we don't give you a professional disc jockey or karaoke show, that you would expect from a professional disc jockey company or something went wrong due to our disc jockey, or any of our equipment, we will refund 100% of your money and if the problem can be fixed we will fix it and continue the evening for free. We offer a 100% No Risk to you, Money Back Guarantee!!! )

33. Can I provide my own music?

If a company doesn't allow you to do this, what they are truly saying to you is, we really don't care what kind of music you like, we are going to play what we think is best for you, and they won't give you what you want. These companties think they know it all. Be careful, there are a lot of these kinds of companies out there. ( Definitely, Just let us know what track number(s) of the songs you want. Remember we are customizing our show to your wants and likes. )

34. What is the difference in hiring a band or hiring a dj?

The only professional answer we could give you on this is, when you hire a disc jockey you’re going to be able to request just about anything and everything in which you have heard over time. Understand we don’t carry every single song that has ever been created but we bring about 300,000 different songs and 1000’s of artists along. A Band will have about 200 – 400 songs in which they perform regularly ( and that is high for some bands ), but the problem is you’re not going to hear anything current and usually most cover bands ( wedding bands ) only play about 5 – 10 different artists music. Not quite the variety in which a disc jockey can bring. Plus a band will by far be more in cost. Most disc jockeys are anywhere between $500 and $1500. Where bands can run up to $5000 in cost.

35. How many weddings have you done?

As a company over 1000. Now as individuals we couldn't tell you since weddings are our main source of income.

36. Does your company have more than just one disc jockey working for it?

You might be asking yourself, why is this important. The fact that it comes down to is; there are 1000's of DJ companies out there. Many can offer you great discounts and awesome deals but when it comes to being at your show, if they are the only dj for the company, what back up plan do they have in play. Never accept the answer, " I have never missed an event and I don't ever to miss one." Because what if they got sick or got into an accident, or their vehicle didn't work the night of your event. Very important to have a back up system!!! We have a back up system and we also currently employ 3 jockeys, and we never book more than 2 in one evening, this assures you with Nightlife Entertainment you are GUARANTEED a disc jockey at your event!!