Sound and Light
We have 3 different Disc Jockey's that currently dj/karaoke for us. Our systems are similar however, each system isn't identical to each other. We listed here different Lighting and Sound equipment that is used between the 3 different disc jockey's. 

All Disc Jockey's use MTX 215 Double Pro Speakers --       
 All Disc Jockey's use Pyle Pro MixerBoard -- 

All Disc Jockey's have a single speaker system for Mid Level and High Level Sounds, Brands may differ -- 

The Lighting Systems vary however are all perfect for small and large venues. Listed are a few of the different lights we use. Click youtube link next to each name to see what that specific light does.

Chavet Fallout -- YouTube Video

American DJ Aggressor Tri LED -- YouTube Video

Eliminator E- 111 Roto-Balls -- YouTube Video

Mirror Ball System -- No video on this -- We all have seen a mirror ball and its effects

Chauvet Swarm -- YouTube Video

American DJ Revo III -- YouTube Video

There are other filler lighting that all of our dj's use, to ensure your venue, no matter the size is full of dance lights. Pictures below show the lights used together to fill a room.