Happy Birthday
Having yet another Birthday? Doesn't it seem like they come on faster and faster? Well we can help you or help one of your loved ones celebrate their special birthday, the right way. We have entertained people celebrating birthdays from 6 year old up to a 100 years old, and everything in between. Surprise birthday parties are the best. We love being part of making someones birthday a rememberable one. Hiring the right dj to celebrate a birthday is essential. Nightlife Entertainment will ensure that the music being played during the celebration is the right music based on the ages of those at the birthday party. In our Party Information Packet, we also ask you to let us know what types of music you would like played at the party.
This way we assure an awesome celebration

Are you or any of your guests, karaoke freaks? Well if there are any, we can also add karaoke to your event. Or we can strickly just have a Karaoke party. That is up to you. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with that Birthday Celebration.
Please fill out our Party Information Request form and we will race that information packet off to you.

Happy Birthday -- and we can't wait to entertain you, your family and friends.