About Us

Nightlife Entertainment has been around for about 11 years. The owner has been in the Disc Jockey business for over 15 years. With over 500 weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties, Halloween, Christmas parties under his belt. Pretty much anything you can think of that you may need a Disc Jockey for he has done it. If you need a Disc Jockey for any event, we can accompany you. 

Because of our quick growth, we have brought on more professional disc jockeys. Because you don't always get to see them personally, if you wish to meet your jockey for your event, please just request it.  We guarantee the best professional show around.

Because we understand jockeys come down with illnesses, family emergencies and other unseen problems. We have back ups for our jockeys. So please understand that on occasions, the jockey you met with, might not be the one that shows up because of these unseen incidences.

Because we like to obtain the title of the most professional disc jockey and karaoke company around. Please understand that we don't allow any potential customers to see us at any of our shows, unless we have an open show. Please be respectful of this, we won't have anyone show up at your event to see us, so we ask you to understand we won't allow you to see us at other customers events. Nightlife Entertainement isn't in business strictly for the money, we are in business because we love doing what we do. And that is making sure you have an enjoyable time at your next event. So please either request information from us or call us and mention the website and you will receive $100 of your show today!!!

Thank you for your interest in Nightlife Entertainment Disc Jockey and Karaoke Services and we look forward to talking with you soon!!!